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To My Friends

by Maria Coleman, March 30, 2002

Dear Friends

  A long time ago there was a guy who suffered innocently.  People made fun of him, called him names, and hurt his body.  Someone who loved him dearly even pretended not to know him.  The guy hadn't done anything wrong, really.  It was just the popular choice because what he said scared them.  They even nailed him to wooden poles.  He hung in pain, bleeding, in front of all to see, including his mom.

.You don't have to be religious to know--It was wrong. ~

  The puzzling thing is--things like that still happen today.  Some not so bad, some a whole, lot worse.  It's still wrong.  Every forgotten child wearing bruises from anger knows this.  Every lost daughter attacked with violence suffers from it.  Every sudden victim of crime feels it.  Where is their hero?  If two entire centuries has not taught us to treat each other better, then what can you or I do?  Are we helpless and overpowered?  I smile knowing ~ we can overcome.

The hero is in each of us.  I have proof.  My proof is you. ~

  ~    ~    ~    ~ 

When I was scared, you stood by me so I could stand anyway.  When I was lonely, you gave me something to laugh about and brought me closer to you.  When someone was mean, you reminded me that someone else was kind.  When I cried, you held me in your heart.  When I was so frustrated with daily irritants that it seemed impossible not to scream, you let me know that I was not alone, it's ok.  When my body hurt from whatever makes it do that, you gave me something else to think about until it passed.  All those little moments, those little words here and there--they do help.  I rest in them (smile).  And, if it makes such a difference to me, then surely the same things make a difference to some one else

One little moment means more than what a century can do. ~

  The story did not end with misery. 

Lot's of great things happened, later, even miracles. 

Did  you remember that you are one too? 

You make my life a better place to be. 

Thank you from ~ Maria

About the editor


   I am not Dena'ina nor am I Alaska Native. I was born in Arkansas with roots in Cherokee, Choctaw, Dutch, Irish and who knows what else. It is not important how long I have lived in Alaska since to be an Alaskan is in the spirit and not something that has to be qualified by a number of years in residence.

     Dena'ina (The Original People) have become my people and I truly care about their past, present and future therefore it is heart breaking to see that a few of our (pretend-to-be) leaders exhibit no interest in the wellbeing of the people but only in personal and political power and financial gain at the expense of all the people they are supposed to represent.


By: Doug Slate



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